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Sophia (4) is terrified of the police: they surprise with an unusual action

A woman from Bavaria contacted the police with a strange message: Her four-year-old daughter was terrified of the officers. The Schwabach police took care of the matter.

Schwabach – A woman from Franconia contacted the police via Facebook. “She told us about her daughter’s panic fear of the police and asked how this Sophia could be taken,” said the police in Central Franconia * on Facebook. The officials mediated the mother to the Schwabach* police station. A police officer there, Nadine Sallie, wanted to help the girl and invited her to the police station. Brother Zeljko was also allowed to come along.

Four-year-old is afraid of the police: officer delighted with hand puppet and Playmobil figure

Sallie took a lot of time for the little visitors. To make it easier to get to know each other for the first time, she didn’t wear a uniform at first. She greeted the children in the police station with the hand puppet “Lilly”. In the office, the two were then allowed to admire the police Playmobil figure “Charly”. “After the first ice was broken, Nadine Sallie transformed back into a real police officer by putting on her uniform,” the police continue in their report. Sophia and her brother were finally allowed to put on a police hat and also “feel like real police officers”.

Then it was off to the patrol car. The broom and the marking chalk in the trunk of the car were the surprise of the equipment for the children, according to the police. “We are in good spirits that we were able to take away Sophia’s fears.”

The officers gave the mother a few tips on how to behave. In the Facebook post, the police pointed out that they could only allow such actions in exceptional cases. Hand puppet “Lily” and Playmobil figure “Charly” are always present when visiting primary schools to sensitize the children to the problems of everyday life in a playful way.

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Facebook users enthusiastic about police action

On Facebook *, the police action provides a lot of encouragement. “You are great”, “great action” and “that’s mega” can be read in the comments. A user jokes: “I’m scared of Brad Pitt, can you send it to me”. Another remembers an anecdote about her own daughter: “When the police visited my daughter once, they immediately told you that grandpa never buckles his seatbelt when driving”. Someone wants to know whether the “puppet stage” only exists in Middle Franconia or somewhere else. The police replies: “In Middle Franconia, the police puppet stage is only in Nuremberg. There are also police puppet stages in other federal states.” * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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