NewsSophia Thomalla changed: "Have my innocence back"

Sophia Thomalla changed: "Have my innocence back"

Sophia Thomalla likes to dare to try something new – and apparently also when it comes to optics. With her new look she is regaining her “innocence”.

Berlin – It’s running for Sophia Thomalla *. Privately and professionally. She found her love in tennis ace Alexander Zverev. She recently followed his appearance on ARD * with great interest. Professionally, the moderator obviously cannot complain about a lack of orders. Among other things, she will be leading through the current season of the reality show “Are You the One?” But Sophia would probably not be Sophia if she dealt with changes even in times when things are going well.

Sophia Thomalla: Optical change – she apparently feels “innocent”

If it fits both privately and professionally, then the outside has to be used. And for that, the 32-year-old has now apparently gone to the hairdresser. She presents the result in a new post on Instagram. In the photo it shows quite changed. And even a little “innocent” for her circumstances, as she herself states – after all, she is well known for more revealing pictures.

Sitting casually on a chair, Thomalla can be photographed after the hair transformation. It is not difficult to see that her head is now shining in a significantly lighter color again. “I’ve got my innocence back,” writes the TV star himself about the picture, with a laughing emoji. In addition, it still hangs a “at least a little bit” behind it. That probably means that the fans can continue to look forward to some “guilty” photos of Sophia in the future.

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Celebrities celebrate Sophia Thomalla’s new look – but fan ponders: “Thought you were confessing”

In any case, the change seems to be well received. Actress Caroline Beil, for example, thinks that Thomalla looks “very cute”. Musician and “BossHoss” singer Alec Voelkel sums it up in dialect style: “Jefallen ma”. However, it took a fan a moment to get the bottom line of the posting: “Oh, the hair, thought you were at confession. Nice ”. The remaining comments are almost without exception enthusiastic.

What does her friend Alexander Zverev say about the change? Certainly nothing negative, after all, the two seem to be very infatuated with each other – as recently shown by holiday pictures *. (han) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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