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Sophia Thomalla in need of dating: presenter speaks openly about love problems

It is often not easy for singles. Sophia Thomalla feels the same way – she apparently has a desire for a new relationship. If only it weren’t for the annoying dating.

Dortmund – You seemed like a dream couple in the celebrity world: good-looking, successful, independent. We’re talking about Sophia Thomalla and Loris Karius. Then a few weeks ago the shock news: separation. Now the presenter has revealed how her dating life is going. RUHR24 * summarizes their statements.

person Sophia Thomalla
Born October 6, 1989 (age 31), Berlin
size 1.7 meters

Sophia Thomalla looking for a partner: After separating from Loris Karius, the single lady has to date again

The separation between the football professional and the entertainer was unpleasant. After a cheating scandal by Loris Karius, Sophia Thomalla ended the relationship * with just a few words: “We are separate people!”

Previously, pictures of the Liverpool goalkeeper had surfaced, who photographed him on vacation on a chic white boat on the Greek coast. The woman at his side was not Sophia Thomalla, who was moderating the show “Are you the One” (RTL) on Mykonos * at the time – that hurt.

Sophia Thomalla is single after Karius split up: But dates and partner searches are not going smoothly

But once the pain of separation has been overcome, it should hardly be difficult for a woman like Sophia Thomalla to get to know someone. The 31-year-old is self-employed, tough and also looks good. But whoever believes that is wrong, as the single lady now reveals (more news from celebrities from NRW * on RUHR24).

In their joint podcast “Artificial Intelligence”, she spoke to Laura Karasek, former lawyer and current presenter, about her single life. Because apparently the search for great love is not going well at the moment.

Moderatorin Sophia Thomalla


Sophia Thomalla has a hard time being single – but she doesn’t enjoy dating either.

Sophia Thomalla on dating: the presenter finds it “extremely exhausting”

“I’m actually not a single guy at all,” Sophia Thomalla revealed to her podcast friend Laura Karasek. If you don’t like being single, you have to go looking for a partner, but this is evidently more difficult than you might think.

Small talk, obligations, trivialities. Sophia Thomalla obviously doesn’t like to play the dating game at all: “I really don’t like dating. I find it extremely exhausting to meet new people and answer and ask the usual questions, ”she admits.

Sophia Thomalla about dating: “Mr. Right ”prefer to meet in everyday life

So you don’t have to turn the moderator around with superficialities and interchangeable questions. Secretly, even the superwoman has the wish, “Mr. Right “just to run into a path in the supermarket or on the street. Because online dating also gives Sophia Thomalla a cold chill.

“Everyone always presents themselves from their best side on the Internet. And then all of a sudden you have the biggest catfish sitting in front of you ”, she complained. By the way, catfish means impersonating someone else on the Internet. The moderator also criticized the fact that people on dating platforms look different in the photos: “I think everyone that I’ve seen in real life doesn’t look like the one in their photos. Not worse, but simply completely different. “

Moderator Sophia Thomalla also had unpleasant experiences with online dating

Suddenly sitting in front of a complete stranger – the discomfort is inevitable: “Then this situation comes that you sit in the restaurant and think: ‘I really just want to go home now'”, Sophia Thomalla describes the uncomfortable time that probably everyone on a date has already experienced.

Apparently, dating is a book with seven seals – also for Sophia Thomalla, who should also have many contenders thanks to her bikini photos *. But it is also clear that there is of course only one “Mr. Right ”there. In the best case. But the entertainer doesn’t have to despair, because as the saying goes: a lid fits on every pot. * RUHR24 is part of the IPPEN.MEDIA editorial network

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