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Sophia Thomalla is terminally ill: Zverev's friend suffers from venous malformation

Created: 09/24/2022, 7:24 am

The Berliner Sophia Thomalla (32) is terminally ill. The girlfriend of tennis star Alexander Zverev announced this to her fans on Thursday. The actress and presenter suffers from venous malformation.

Berlin – “You know that I never actually speak to this camera,” Sophia Thomalla began her Instagram story late Thursday evening. Visibly touched, the TV presenter (“Are You The One”) explained to her 1.3 million fans that she has been suffering from the incurable disease venous malformation since birth. A rare genetic defect.

“I’m doing great”: Sophia Thomalla makes incurable illness public

Since childhood, Sophia Thomalla has had to endure countless procedures, and the next operation is already pending. Sophia Thomalla’s right forearm is affected. “The doctors can’t really explain where this genetic defect comes from.”

Sophia Thomalla sammelt spenden für das russische Mädchen Kira, dass an der gleichen Krankheit leidet und eine lebensrettende Operation benötigt.
Sophia Thomalla is raising funds for Russian girl Kira who is suffering from the same disease and needs life-saving surgery. © Instagram Sophia thomalls

With the confession, Sophia Thomalla does not want to get any sympathy. She herself is not particularly restricted because she grew up in Germany, where good medical care is guaranteed. “I feel excellent. I’m not particularly restricted either, except that of course I have to have it checked every year,” says Thomalla.

Sophia Thomalla wants to collect donations for a little girl in Russia

The reason for the Instagram story was a little girl in Russia who also suffers from the incurable disease, but much worse. Now Sophia Thomalla wants to use her celebrity status to collect donations for the girl.

What is venous malformation? Information from St. Joseph’s Hospital in Berlin

Venous malformations are congenital malformations of the venous vascular system. They can appear in the skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscles and around internal organs. These incorrectly built veins often lack the strength of normal veins, so they widen over time and can thus simulate growing tumors. (Source:

Kira, as the girl is called, must be operated on as soon as possible so that her life can be saved, according to Thomalla. The problem is that there are very few doctors who can perform this procedure.

Sophia Thomalla asks her fans on Instagram to donate to Kira

“I was lucky that I was born in this country and that I have a doctor who has been treating me for over 30 years,” she says and appeals to her fans: “I would be very happy if one or the other can help.”

Sophia Thomalla bittet ihre Fans, für Kira zu spenden.
Sophia Thomalla asks her fans to donate to Kira. © Instagram Sophia thomalla

Thomalla explains that anyone who wants to help Kira should donate. The operation had to be carried out in Germany (Hamburg) because the doctors in Russia simply did not have the opportunity to operate there.

Another TV personality also announced health problems on Thursday. Ballermann star Melanie Müller had a stroke – at the age of only 34. The Saxon woman was bedridden for days and released herself from a Leipzig clinic. Sources used : Instagram Sophia Thomalla, St. Joseph Hospital Berlin

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