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Space debris grows 3%

mas-basura-espacialThespace debris has increased by 3% during the first half of 2010and they already surround the Earth more than15,550 rubble, which include from old rockets and shuttles to disused satellites and other objects from the fragmentation of waste generated for example in explosions, according to the latest quarterly report of the NASA Orbital Debris Program Office.

The statistics of countries and organizations that dispose of these devices are repeated and, in this semester, of the 15,550 space bodies, the ‘Commonwealth of Independent States’ (CIS), made up of the United Kingdom and its colonies, is the one that has the largest amount of garbage registers in space, with a total of 5,833 objects; followed by the United States with 4,824, and China with 3,388.

While,the European Space Agency (ESA) is the entity with the least space debris, with only 83 bodies, of which specifically 39 come from explosions. There are also countries that, regardless of the space agency to which they belong, send and ‘throw into Earth orbit’ space devices. This is the case of the 472 in France, the 190 in Japan, or the 170 in India.

More CO2, more space junk

On the other hand, a study from the British University of Southampton suggests that el increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide, which causes climate change, would not only raise sea levels or melt glaciers, but alsowould favor the proliferation of space debris.

After analyzing information on 30 satellites in the last 40 years, this team of scientists has confirmed that the upper layers of the atmosphere are losing density, as a consequence of the increase in CO2, what makessatellites stay in orbit up to 25% longer, increasing the possibility of collisions and space accidents.

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