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Spaniards are the Internet users who spend the most time on social networks

internet-trabajo What do Internet users spend their time on? What do digital consumers use technology for and for how long? These are the questions that the consulting firm McKinsey & Company has tried to answer in a study carried out since 2008 on 5,000 Internet users from the United States, Great Britain, Germany, Spain, India, China, Japan and Korea, aged between 18 and 65 years.

The results show that Spanish users spend the most time on social networks (68 minutes a day on average) , surfing the internet (53 minutes) and editing images and documents (38 minutes). Americans rank first in time spent playing games (51 minutes a day), as well as reading and writing emails (41 minutes). Of those surveyed, Spaniards are also the ones who spend the most time on the Internet (375 minutes a day), closely followed by Koreans (359 minutes), who dedicate their hours “connected” above all to searching for information, instant messaging and play. The inhabitants of Korea are also the ones who spend the most time shopping online (30 minutes a day).

And what do we digital users do while watching television ? The majority of Spaniards simultaneously surf the Internet (31%), work with their personal computer (20%) or communicate by instant messaging (28%), the study concludes. In the rest of the respondents there is also a clear tendency to what McKinsey calls “multimedia multitasking”.





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