NewsSpanish transmasculine person gives birth to baby

Spanish transmasculine person gives birth to baby

Rubén feels neither a man nor a woman. But on May 1st, he gave birth to a baby.

Rubén Castro (27) was assigned to the female gender when he was born. But the Spaniard feels neither a woman nor a man – he is non-binary. In the media, Rubén is often portrayed as a trans man, but the 27-year-old cannot identify himself with this term. “I’m not a trans man, I’m a non-binary transmasculine person,” the Spaniard writes on Instagram. This means that Rubén is non-binary, but identifies more strongly with the masculine gender, * reports.

And despite his tendency to be masculine, Rubén gave birth to a baby a few days ago. Luar was born on May 1, 2021. The baby is assigned to germinate specific sex. Instead of “he” or “she”, Rubén uses the gender-neutral term “hije”. With the birth of his baby, Rubén fulfilled a great wish: “I am where I always wanted to be. This is a dream.”

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The 27-year-old is not the first trans person to have a child in Spain, but he is the first to make it so media-aware. Because Rubén wants to make a difference with his story. “It’s my way of trying to make the world a better, more beautiful and more diverse place,” writes the new dad on Instagram. Rubén wants to give back to future generations what those who stood before him in the spotlight gave him.

Around 20,000 fans follow the Spaniard on Instagram and accompany him on his journey. His story is also immortalized in the documentary “Papa gestante” by Celia Avilés and Bake Gómez.

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