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Stealthily, quietly, Palast plans to omit "Consort" in Camilla's title

Created: 10/20/2022, 7:00 a.m

The palace wants Camilla to be a queen, not a king consort. The consultants want to remove the term “consort” from their title before the coronation. However, it would depend on the mood of the people, they say.

London – Since the death of Queen Elizabeth II (96, † 2022), Buckingham Palace has held the title “Queen Consort” for the wife of King Charles III. (73) retained. It was the late monarch’s wish to install Camilla (75) as king’s consort until the public got used to a new era. The Telegraph reports that the ‘consort’ is now to be phased out from her title in order to make Camilla’s title king consort a queen.

By the time the coronation is over, the public may have become accustomed to the “Queen Camilla” title

Earlier consorts in recent history, including the queen mother Queen Mum (101, † 2002), were addressed with the predicate “queen” and their first names: Queen Elizabeth. People close to the royal couple are already “very relaxed,” a source told the news site. It would be desirable to make the King’s wife Camilla Queen Camilla.

Der Buckingham-Palast möchte Camilla offenbar lieber als Königin Camilla führen. Auch aus Queen Mum wurde eine schlichte Königin ohne „Consort“. (Fotomontage).
Buckingham Palace seems to prefer Camilla as Queen Camilla. Queen Mum also became a simple queen without a “consort”. (photomontage). © Andrew Milligan/dpa & John Walton/dpa

Apparently, the small but subtle difference lies particularly with Charles III. at heart. The younger Prince Charles appears to have been particularly close to his grandmother throughout his life and hopes his wife will be shown the same respect in public. Traditionally, the regulations for the coronation should refer to “Your Majesties King Charles III. and Queen Camilla” . This was also the case at the grandparents’ ceremony in 1937.

A look at history clarifies the title question

Because there have been more kings than queens in the past, the title of queen consort is not really fixed. Queen Victoria’s husband (81, † 1901) was called “Prince Consort”. The “Consort” corresponds to the title “Royal Consort” and simply designates the spouse of the monarch. Georg V. (70, † 1936), the husband of Queen Mary, née Maria von Teck (85, † 1953), wore the title “Queen Consort” as a wife.

Camilla was not supposed to become “Princess of Wales” because of Princess Diana’s popularity

In official communications, the palace is not allowed to delete the “Consort”. In the order of service for the late Queen’s funeral last month, the royal couple were correctly referred to in the procession as “The King” and “The Queen Consort”. The title was formulated as a wish by Queen Elizabeth II herself in a message on the 70th anniversary of her accession to the throne in February, putting an end to much speculation.

“When my son Charles becomes king, I know that you will give him and his wife Camilla the same support that you gave me,” said Elizabeth II. But in his speech, Charles was addressing the day after his mother’s death TV audience as consort, not queen: “I am counting on the loving help of my beloved wife, Camilla.” Out of respect for the memory of Princess Diana (36, † 1997), Camilla called herself Duchess of Cornwall, although as Princess Consort she would have been entitled to the title Princess of Wales. Sources used:

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