NewsStiko boss Mertens: Vaccination against monkeypox makes sense, especially...

Stiko boss Mertens: Vaccination against monkeypox makes sense, especially for risk groups

Cases of monkeypox are increasing in Germany. Politicians and experts discuss preventive measures. The Stiko boss considers vaccination to be useful. News ticker.

  • Monkeypox in Germany: More and more cases are registered.
  • Vaccination of risk groups: Stiko boss Mertens thinks that makes sense.
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Berlin/Munich – The cases of monkeypox are increasing in Germany every day. Concern is growing that the rare viral disease could spread at a rate similar to that of the corona virus. Politicians and experts are already discussing measures to curb the spread.

Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach, for example, recommends a quarantine of at least 21 days in the event of an infection with monkeypox. Physicians also consider this to be useful. Because as long as patients have pustules, they are considered highly infectious. In view of the increasing number of cases of monkeypox in Germany, a discussion about preventive measures has also flared up.

Monkey pox news: Stiko boss Mertens believes vaccination against risk groups makes sense

keyword vaccination. The head of the Standing Vaccination Commission has now commented on this. He considers preventive vaccination of risk groups to be useful, said Thomas Mertens of the Rheinische Post . “We are currently thinking about it.” Vaccination of the entire population in Germany is “very unlikely,” he said.

Mertens pointed out that only one vaccine could be considered, and that it was “much better tolerated” than the classic smallpox vaccine, which caused meningitis in one out of around 20,000 cases. In contrast to the classic smallpox vaccination, no side effects are to be expected with the modern vaccine.

Monkeypox in Germany: According to virologist Ciesek, severe courses are possible

Older people who have been vaccinated against smallpox are also vaccinated against monkeypox, according to the Stiko boss. “A certain protection probably lasts for life,” said Mertens. Although the vaccination protection is not complete, it at least protects against serious diseases. Bavaria’s Health Minister Klaus Holetschek has already announced that he wants to order a monkeypox vaccine. Lauterbach ordered “up to 40,000 cans”.

The fact that Germany needs measures against monkeypox is due to the dangerous nature of the pathogen. According to virologist Sandra Ciesek, the virus can be associated with complications or severe courses. (mt/afp)

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