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Stomach reduction in Wollny daughters? “All at the same time to Turkey trip”

Created: 10/14/2022 4:53 am

A while ago, the Wollny daughters declared war on excess kilos – with success: Estefania, Loredana and Co. are visibly slimmer. Some fans therefore believe that the sisters underwent surgery in Turkey.

Ratheim – For more than a decade, the Wollnys have been letting television viewers participate in their extended family life in their show of the same name. Mama Silvia (57), but also her daughters Estefania (20) or Loredana (18) have long since matured into popular stars on social networks. The latter caused a stir, especially with their customer successes – but many a fan suspects that the sisters went under the knife for it.

Wollny daughters Estefania and Loredana completely slimmed down – is it due to diet shakes?

Especially with the younger “Die Wollnys” members, the kilos have only tumbled in recent months: Estefania, for example, who dreams of the big stage as a young singer, documented her diet on Instagram. Her insider tip: exercise and shakes to help you lose weight.

„Die Wollnys“-Fans diskutieren über die Abnehmerfolge der Töchter der TV-Großfamilie (Fotomontage)
Did the Wollny daughters go under the knife in Turkey? The fans themselves seem to disagree about this (photomontage) © Screenshot/Facebook

Loredana, her sister who is two years younger, has also been changing for quite a while now and, at least that’s what her social media snapshots suggest, feels very comfortable in her own skin. Just like Estefania, the 18-year-old, who will soon be a mother for the first time and recently showed her child’s father, regularly advertises the powdered drink for weight loss from a well-known manufacturer. But not all fans trust the alleged miracle cure – some have their own theory: And it has to do with Wollny’s dream home Turkey.

Silvia Wollny’s crazy confession – extended family mother suffered from cheese addiction:

Not alcohol or cigarettes, but cheese of all things was Silvia Wollny’s big vice for a long time: “I didn’t eat anything else for ten years, no bread, no apples, no potatoes, nothing at all except these cheese chips, because they were so filling,” the extended family mom once revealed at Promiflash – and confessed that a change in diet was not that easy. This was initially “quite painful”. Malnutrition is said to have even damaged their organs. Today, however, she has conquered her unusual addiction.

Stomach surgery in Turkey? “The Wollnys” fans express their suspicions

The fact that “everyone lost weight at the same time after the trip to Turkey” cannot be a coincidence, according to many fans on the Internet: “What a coincidence. Everyone flies to Turkey and miraculously finds the discipline there that they never had in their lives,” says a commentary that also speculates directly about the background to the Wollny diet: “They should at least admit that they took the shortcut via surgery.”

A stomach surgery does not mean that it is easy to lose weight,” explains another fan. Other comments indicate that not everyone believes in the theory of stomach reduction: “I also have 20 kilos in three months lost weight without stomach surgery and without weird drinks. “Another user, on the other hand, is certain that the shake helped Estefania lose weight, after all “you could accompany her from the start”. The extended family itself shouldn’t care much about the rumours, because the Wollnys made an extraordinary marriage proposal in Turkey. Sources used:,

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