NewsStorms swept over South Tyrol: holidaymakers brought to gymnasiums...

Storms swept over South Tyrol: holidaymakers brought to gymnasiums – the danger is probably not over yet

Created: 08/07/2022 2:09 p.m

Unwetter in Südtirol
During storms, a stream burst its banks and swept wooden beams and debris with it. (Photo from August 5, 2022) © LFV Südtirol/dpa/picture alliance

Heavy rains have wreaked havoc in northern Italy. Houses and hotels were damaged and roads were impassable. A holiday couple was just able to get out of the car.

Bolzano – The holiday region of South Tyrol, which is popular with holidaymakers and which only recently imposed a bed freeze for tourists, has been hit by severe storms. During cloudbursts on Friday afternoon (August 5th) and partly also on Saturday, precipitation of more than 100 liters per square meter was measured within one hour. The consequences were debris flows and mudslides, some of which damaged houses and hotels.

Storms in South Tyrol: Locals and tourists have to stay in gyms

The fire brigades in the northern Italian region were in constant use at the beginning of the weekend. In South Tyrol, the fire brigade counted more than 200 missions with around 1000 firefighters on Friday evening. The east of the country in the area of the Dolomites was particularly affected. Many roads were impassable.

In St. Martin in Thurn, 50 people had to spend the night in a gym. In the Val di Fassa in the Dolomites, there were 211 people, holidaymakers and locals, who spent Saturday night in a gym.

Storms in South Tyrol: vacationers can just save themselves from the car

In the municipality of Olang, the car of an Italian vacationer was hit by a mudslide, and the roof of a mill that was also hit crashed onto the car. A couple from Milan was just able to get out of the car, as the news portal reported.

Nevertheless, one seems to have had luck in misfortune. According to initial findings, there were no injuries.

Severe weather in South Tyrol: fire brigade warns against carelessness

Some people in the affected regions do not seem to have recognized the seriousness of the situation. Because the regional association of volunteer fire brigades (LFV) in South Tyrol tweeted, including a corresponding photo: “Please…do not unnecessarily endanger yourself and others in the event of storm events.”

However, the danger does not appear to be entirely over. For Sunday evening, the weather reports are again announcing rain and thunderstorms in the region. “The population is called upon to bring themselves to safety and to avoid being close to watercourses when severe weather events are announced,” Die Neue Südtiroler Tageszeitung quoted the Director of the Civil Protection Agency of South Tyrol, Klaus Unterweger, as saying on Saturday. Because the discharge of local thunderstorm cells can also cause small streams to swell dangerously in a very short time.

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