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Stradivarius: why is it called like that and what is the style of this Inditex brand

Surely you have bought at Stradivarius sometime or now or before and are curious about this brand, why it is called that and what is the style of this brand at Inditex. We discover it for you. Since you will have skirts, pants, jackets or shoes from different seasons from this store.

According to Inditex, Stradivarius is a contemporary and carefree fashion brand, which is totally indicated for the perfect style for young spirits. There are reference garments for those who opt for a fresh and trendy look inspired by street style.

The brand, immersed in a process of continuous improvement in terms of design and quality, manages to offer the most sought-after garments of each season.

Origin of Stradivarius

The Inditex brand originates from a family-owned women’s fashion business and joined Inditex in 1999 . It was founded in 1994 by the Catalan Triquell family and later sold to Inditex.

Subsequently, it operated in three new international markets and, a decade later, it already had 500 stores in 34 countries around the world.

It was in 2017, when Stradivarius inaugurated its new offices for the Design and Central Services teams in Cerdanyola del Vallés (Barcelona). It is a building built with recyclable and local materials, it manages to save 35% in electricity consumption and 50% in water consumption.

Logo and name

One of the most characteristic symbols of the company is its logo. Of this, the letter «S» stands out, which is replaced by a treble clef.

The brand was named after a famous violin maker, Antonio Stradivarius. For this reason it became a symbol of music. And it really is what Inditex wanted for its brand in the fashion industry.

The failure of men’s fashion

Although it initially started with women’s fashion, being its strength, in 2017 it launched the first fashion line for men called “Stradivarius Man”, although in 2018 they decided to close it due to lack of income and its low sales.

Fashion of all seasons

In the same way as the rest of Inditex brands, Stradivarius brings new products each season at affordable prices for all budgets and taking into account who it is aimed at, a young audience who wants to be fashionable. Because this is the style of this Inditex brand that grows in stores and buyers.