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Summer 2021: countries that do not have restrictions to travel from Spain

Summer 2021 has already arrived in Spain with the entry of July. As of this weekend, trips will be much more common throughout our geography, but also, trips by plane or train. The problem is again with the variants of the coronavirus that is causing many countries to require tests or vaccination documents to Spanish tourists and the rest of Europe.

These are some of the most frequented countries to which we can travel from Spain without any restrictions.


In Europe there are a number of countries that do not require anything from Spanish citizens to enter their states. Not even a PCR or vaccination passport. Within these countries we find Albania, Andorra, Estonia, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Switzerland and Ukraine.

Any Spaniard can enter these places without presenting any type of proof of vaccination, PCR tests or if the coronavirus has already passed.

Rest of the world

To leave European borders, it must be clear that in countries such as Chile, Thailand or Tunisia we must present a PCR upon arrival or the vaccination passport with the complete schedule.

Even so, there are many countries in the world that allow Spanish citizens to enter their states without carrying any type of document about the coronavirus. These countries are: Brazil, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Tanzania.

Covid passport

The COVID passport will be the document most used by Europeans this summer 2021 to be able to leave their countries towards others. Although there are countries such as Argentina, Japan, Australia, India, the United States or Russia, which do not allow the entry of Spanish citizens even if they have full vaccination, Spaniards will have many options to move around the world this summer.

In Europe, most of the neighboring countries have already adopted the COVID passport as a guarantee to enter the country. France, Germany, Belgium, Portugal, Greece or Italy , will be destinations in which Spanish citizens can move without restrictions as long as we present our vaccination passport with the complete schedule.

Of course, in each of these countries there are restrictions that we must comply with and we have to know how to wear the mask outside or inside, the hours of shops or places in the country that, due to their high incidence, are in quarantine in the country. moment in which we are going to make our trip.


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