News"Sun from morning to night": weather forecast for Bavaria...

"Sun from morning to night": weather forecast for Bavaria makes beer garden fans cheer

Is spring finally here? The start of the week is promising in Bavaria. The weather forecast for the rest of the week is impressive. All news in the ticker.

  • Weather * in Bavaria: DWD promises “Sun from morning to night”.
  • Meteorologist Jung: High* Peter may have a lot of stamina.
  • This weather ticker for Bavaria is updated regularly.

Munich – The sun is currently shining in many places from the Bavarian sky – the next few days promise a lot of sunshine and high temperatures. But one after anonther. “Today at noon and also in the further course of the day mostly unhindered sunshine”, says the forecast of the German Weather Service (DWD) for the start of the week. There are only a few thin, high veil clouds, later a few loose cumulus clouds on the Alps. Locally ten degrees in the northern Upper Palatinate, west of the Spessart up to 17 degrees. There will be light to moderate winds.*

Weather in Bavaria: Spring-like mild, “Sun from morning to night”

It will also be “spring-like mild” on Tuesday. The temperatures in Bavaria reach between 13 and 18 degrees. Also on Wednesday, the DWD predicts “Sun from morning to night”, the temperatures in the Free State can even climb up to 20 degrees. On Thursday even up to 21 degrees are possible. So it’s obviously going to be a good week for anyone who likes to sit in the beer garden with a mass and snack.

Weather: lots of sun in Germany – is Hoch Peter underestimated?

And meteorologist Dominik Jung from the Q.met weather service has a similar forecast for the next seven days: “There is only one thing to see far and wide and that is lots of sunshine and dry weather.” When the next change in the weather is due is difficult to predict, because: “About 7 days ago the weather models had announced a lot of rain for yesterday and today. The high was already underestimated then and it can be like that again now.”

According to the expert, meteorological experience teaches that “high pressure areas as stable as the current high Peter usually have much more endurance than the weather models sometimes calculate.” He is skeptical about a change in the weather and assumes “that it will continue to be very sunny and dry at the beginning of April.”

Summer forecast uncertain, but: “Now it’s sun, sun, sun”

When asked whether the current weather could be a sign of a dry and warm summer, Jung answered clearly: no. “It’s definitely not that, because summer doesn’t know anything about the weather in March or in spring 2022. The cards will be completely reshuffled.” But: “Now it’s sun, sun, sun and that until well into the next week in”.

However, the current weather also has its downsides. The risk of forest fires is increasing, only recently there was a fire near Neuschwanstein.* Agriculture is also suffering from the drought. (kam) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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