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Super moon in July 2022: The most beautiful pictures of the full moon

Created: 07/14/2022, 11:55 am

The full moon showed itself in all its glory in the sky. The moon was particularly close to the earth. The super moon fascinated in Germany and the world.

Schaulustige beobachten vom Aussichtsturm auf dem Hohen Berg in Syke (Niedersachsen) den Mondaufgang.
1 / 9 Onlookers watch the moonrise from the observation tower on the Hoher Berg in Syke (Lower Saxony). © Thomas Lindemann
Vollmond über Flughafen München
2 / 9 The full moon rises over Munich Airport on Wednesday evening. © Peter Kneffel/dpa
Der Supermond über dem Leuchtturm am Beachy Head in Sussex.
3 / 9 The super moon over the lighthouse at Beachy Head in the county of Sussex in southern England. © imago
Supermond - Hamburg
4 / 9 Moonrise over the port of Hamburg. © Marcus Brandt/dpa
Märchenhaft: Der Supermond am 13. Juli 2022 hinter eine Windmühle in Consuegra (Spanien).
5 / 9 Fairytale: The super moon on July 13, 2022 behind a windmill in Consuegra (Spain). © Meng Dingbo/imago
Die große Pyramide von Gizeh (Ägypten) und der Supermond.
6 / 9 The Great Pyramid of Giza (Egypt) and the Super Moon. © Sui Xiankai/imago
Der Supermond geht hinter dem St. Petersdom in Rom (Italien) auf.
7 / 9 The Super Moon rises behind St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome (Italy). © Alessandro Di Meo/imago
Impressionen des Supermondes in Travemünde.
8 / 9 Impressions of the super moon in Travemünde. © Susanne Hübner/imago
Mondaufgang in Dresden
9 / 9 The moon is impressive, but not quite full, on July 12 in Dresden behind the cupola of the art academy with the angel “Fama”. © Robert Michael/dpa

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