NewsSurprise on RTL: Sophia Thomalla replaces Frauke Ludowig

Surprise on RTL: Sophia Thomalla replaces Frauke Ludowig

Created: 07/24/2022, 04:55 am

Sophia Thomalla ersetzt Frauke Ludowig bei RTL.
Sophia Thomalla replaces Frauke Ludowig on RTL. © Imago Images

Frauke Ludowig is the face of RTL. But now the 58-year-old RTL veteran is being replaced by Zverev’s friend Sophia Thomalla (32). The “Are you the one” presenter replaces Frauke Ludowig at the Bachelorette reunion. Is this the beginning of the end for Frauke Ludowig?

Cologne – emergency solution or the beginning of a turning point at RTL? Frauke Ludowig actually moderated the big reunion at the “Bachelorette” every year. But suddenly everything is different. Now player wife Sophia Thomalla should take over the successful format, which is already running in the 9th season on RTL.

Sophia Thomalla moderates the big reunion at “Bachelorette”

The girlfriend of tennis pro Alexander Zverev should ask the bachelorette Sharon Battiste, who has been flickering across the TV screens since June 15, 2022, if she is still with her Rosenkavalier or if there has already been a separation. Attention Bachelorette fans: RTL is postponing the finale and showing it in two parts).

Eigentlich moderiert Frauke Ludowig immer das große Wiedersehen bei der Bachelorette oder dem Bachelor. Dieses Jahr ist Sophia Thomalla an der Reihe.
Actually, Frauke Ludowig always moderates the big reunion at the bachelorette or the bachelor. This year it is Sophia Thomalla’s turn. © RTL+

RTL viewers are wondering if this is just the beginning of a turning point at RTL. After RTL legend Dieter Bohlen was fired, Frauke Ludowig could now be the next veteran of Cologne’s private broadcaster. On Instagram, RTL wrote about the Bachelorette debut: “There’s never been such a Bachelorette final evening.” But what is the reason for the change of presenter?

RTL initially does not reveal why Frauke Ludowig is out

The quotas cannot be the reason for the change: When the bachelor’s big reunion in March 2022, 1.21 million viewers tuned in and watched Frauke Ludowig talk. RTL leaves the reason open in its message. There it only says: “For the first time, Sophia Thomalla will welcome the Bachelorette and some of the men to the talk and clarify the most burning questions of the season. Including, of course, the all-important question: Has Sharon found her Mister Right?”

Not a word about Frauke Ludowig. Sophia Thomalla has already arrived in the RTL family. Since 2021 she has been moderating “Are you the one” in a very entertaining and professional way. Rammstein singer Til Lindemann’s ex also mastered “Date or Drop” with ease.

When asked, RTL confirmed the reason for the change of presenter at the Bachelorette reunion

But there is a simple reason for the change at the big Bachelorette reunion. Frauke Ludowig will not moderate the show this year because the moderator is unavailable. When asked by t-online, a broadcaster explained that she was “currently on her well-deserved summer vacation”.

Attention Bachelorette fans: RTL is postponing the finale and showing it in two parts

There doesn’t seem to be much regret from the bachelorette and bachelor candidates. Sharon Battiste liked the post. Ex-Bachelor Niko Griesert is also happy about the decision.

About the current season on RTL: Six men are still in the running for the heart of the bachelorette. But the number will be drastically reduced next Wednesday at the Dreamdates. On July 27, the last regular episode will air on TV, from which the finalists will emerge.

The atmosphere in the Bachelorette mansion is tense. Because while some men clearly know they’re among the favorites, others must tremble in the night of the roses. No wonder conflicts arise among the candidates. Sources used :,

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