NewsSurprising: Meghan Markle with freckles and wild natural curls

Surprising: Meghan Markle with freckles and wild natural curls

Created: 8/29/2022 7:04 am

Meghan Markle hat ihre Naturlocken von Mama Doria Ragland geerbt (Fotomontage).
Meghan Markle inherited her natural curls from Mama Doria Ragland (photomontage). © dpa / Twitter

Meghan Markle says yes to naturalness and shows herself in a video like never before. Instead of using the straightening iron as usual, the Duchess shows off her wild natural curls and does without make-up, which shows off her freckles. Royal fans were surprised but delighted.

Montecito – Normally, the Duchess of Sussex (41) leaves nothing to chance when it comes to her look and always looks as if the cameras from the “Suits” days are still pointed at her. Her fans were all the more surprised when pictures of a zoom call appeared, showing a completely different side of the mother of two. Instead of being covered by make-up, cute freckles appear on Meghan Markle’s complexion, instead of working her full hair with a straightening iron, cute curls curl on the formerly royal head of Prince Harry’s wife (37).

Farewell to straighteners: Meghan Markle has rarely shown her natural hair

During a Zoom call, the 41-year-old apparently spoke about her new podcast series on Spotify “Archetypes”. On recordings of a video call, Meghan presents herself in the new look that she has actually discarded since her school days. Instead of appearing styled for the appointment, Meghan opted for the pure look. The fans were enthusiastic.

Allegedly, mother Doria (65) and son Archie (3) were also present at the call, even if the three-year-old’s face was covered with a red heart emoji in the photos, it was clear to see how big the mini-royal had become reported “Hello”. Meghan apparently includes calculated surprise appearances in her work, so Prince Harry recently had the pleasure of attending Meghan’s Spotify interview with Serena Williams (40).

Meghan’s Archetype podcast series seems to be off to a good start

The Spotify project has just started and, according to the British media, can already boast encouraging viewing figures. Without advertising, as the Duchess of Sussex emphasizes, although when it comes to marketing, she apparently does not count her own channels, royal fans and those of her friends like tennis legend Serena Williams. The new look could also be part of a strategy. The fans certainly liked him: “Wow she looks amazing!!!!” writes FBM_Warrior. And Lailaine0815 adds: “Look at our beautiful #PrincessMeghan, she looks so happy”.

Meghan Markle hat ihre Naturlocken von Mama Doria Ragland geerbt (Fotomontage).
Meghan Markle inherited her natural curls from Mama Doria Ragland (photomontage). © Facundo Arrizabalaga/dpa & Steve Parsons/dpa

Meghan hosts the Archetype series, which aims to examine “the labels that hold women back”. In “uncensored conversations,” the mother of two will speak to historians and experts to uncover the origins of these stereotypes. She cleverly incorporates snippets of her private life, which is what she called Prince Harry by his nickname during the podcast crash with Williams. Sources used: Twitter,

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