Afore withdrawals for unemployment add three months of growth

From January to July, unemployment withdrawals totaled 2,742.1 million pesos, 2.7% more than in 2021.

There will be a fair in the CDMX Zócalo from July 21 to 24! The Afores Fair 2022

The Consar organizes the Afores Fair in Mexico City; workers will be able to update their data, obtain account statements or make unemployment or pension withdrawals.

Unemployment retirements in the Afores increase 28% between January and May

In the first 5 months of 2021, unemployment retirements made by the Afores totaled 8,617.6 million pesos, a figure 28.3% higher than that of the same period in 2020.

Afore Sura says it is "in good shape" to face the drop in commissions

Emilio Bertrán, general director of the Afore, says that "for the moment" he will not defend himself against the measure approved by Congress, which will take effect in 2022.

Afores have a long way to go towards ESG investing

Only 4 of the 11 Afores have adopted the principles of environmental, social and governance investments. In 2022 all must adhere to these principles.


Fewer new corona infections – 184 deaths

The RKI once again reports fewer new corona infections and a reduced seven-day incidence. But the data situation remains opaque - this is mainly due to the reporting behavior of the countries.

Last supermoon of the year shines in the night sky in August 2022

Already in June and around July 2022 the full moon became a super moon. In August 2022 there will be a super moon for the last time this year. When does he shine?

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The defective components were produced by the manufacturer ZF at a plant in Durango. So far no injuries have been reported from this failure.

Bangladesh: Six dead in plastic factory fire

Another fire has broken out in a factory in Bangladesh, this time in the capital Dhaka. Toys were made in the plastic factory, among other things.