Air Transport

Avianca will present a new business plan to the US Court

The new president of the airline spoke with El Espectador about the airline's new scheme, which includes smaller planes and more chairs.


Avianca traces its route to Mexico: more air cargo, but with skepticism in the AIFA

The Colombian airline seeks to become the new giant in the Latin American region, but in Mexico it shows concern about air safety and remains cautious about the AIFA.

Lady Gaga Confirms Role in 'Joker' Sequel

Lady Gaga's acting career is picking up speed. Next up is the "Joker". Lead actors and director are no strangers.

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Pérez blames Magnussen for his elimination in Q2 in Hungary

Sergio Pérez will be forced to come from behind at the 2022 Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix after being eliminated in Q2 of qualifying.

"Mother of Soldiers" tells of the horror of war

The war in Ukraine has dire consequences for the soldiers: in the Donetsk region, the "mother of soldiers" takes care of them.