Alejandro Diaz de León Carrillo

Banxico plans to freeze its interest rate for the fourth consecutive time

The biggest rebound in the price rise will be the main impediment for the Bank of Mexico to leave its interest rate at 4% this week.

Herrera to Banxico and Ramírez de la O to Hacienda: two "good decisions"

The changes proposed by President López Obrador in Banxico and the SHCP aim to speed up the work of a new tax reform and the 2022 economic package.

Banxico is 48% effective in meeting its target against inflation

Since Banxico decided to fight for annual inflation to be 3% +/- one percentage point, it has been successful half the time and the trend is that it will continue to fail in the following months.

Esquivel sees "unnecessary uncertainty" in debate of new governor of Banxico

Gerardo Esquivel is once again discarded as a candidate to be the next Governor of the central bank, a position that Alejandro Díaz de León will leave on December 31.

Banxico estimates that Mexico's GDP may grow up to 7% this year

The Bank of Mexico indicates a greater reactivation than estimated in the productive sector, which will generate between 350,000 and 570,000 formal jobs this year.


Inflation and return to offices hit 'healthy foods'

The high prices of goods and services and the return to normality erase the advances in healthier eating changes that were generated during the pandemic.

80-year-old found dead – grandson suspected of crime

An elderly woman is found lifeless in front of her house in Delmenhorst. Shortly before, her grandson is said to have told relatives on the phone that he had killed his grandmother. Now he has to go before the magistrate.

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