Forest fire under control in southern Spain

An area the size of a good 13,000 soccer fields was destroyed. The authorities assume arson.

Birthplace of Walt Disney and other curiosities of Andalusia

Discover the main curiosities of Andalusia: the birthplace of Walt Disney, the only desert in all of Europe ...

Quiet villages with beaches in Andalusia to spend the holidays

If this summer you want to spend a quiet holiday, these are the best beach towns in Andalusia to escape the crowds.

IU-A condemns the request for "freedom" for students when "many families cannot afford a hotel"

The leader of IU Andalucía condemns the request for "freedom" for "a quarantine in a 4-star hotel paid for by the public."

More than 700 young Andalusians are isolated after end-of-year trips: almost 250 positive | Last minute Andalusia

More than 700 young Andalusians are isolated in different parts of the Peninsula after different Covid-19 outbreaks.

New macro outbreak ?: Sevillian students isolated in Portugal on another end-of-year trip

Spanish students are in a group of 44 people who are linked to an outbreak in Portugal in which there are ten positives.

Coronavirus, live: last minute of vaccines, measures for summer and data

Spain continues to relax restrictions after ending the curfew and starting to drop the number of COVID cases.

Andalusia: A minor arrested in Seville for trying to stab another young man

The 16-year-old alleged aggressor approached a group of young people in the heart of the city of Seville, hit the victim in the face and then tried several times to stick a knife in the abdomen.


US model Meadow Walker marries – Vin Diesel at wedding

US model Meadow Walker got married. Among the guests is Vin Diesel, her godfather and good friend of her father Paul Walker, who died in a car accident in 2013.

Clueso speaks in the "Tagesthemen" about the state of the music scene

Singer-songwriter Clueso was interviewed in the ARD “Tagesthemen” on the subject of Corona in the music scene. And there was also singing.

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Carnival festival celebrates its premiere: "Jecker, more colorful and more musical"

Just in time for 11.11. there is now also a festival for carnival. The "Jeckenville Festiväl 2021" combines the start of the session with the festival atmosphere.

14-year-old in court for the murder of a youth

A dead 13-year-old on the floor, next to him a boy with a knife. The act shocked the public in the spring. Little will be learned from the Heidelberg murder trial that is now beginning.