animal sex

Incest in the wild is more common than you think

Avoiding inbreeding may be the exception, rather than the norm, in many animals, including humans

Fluorescence: the secret power of scorpions

The ecological function of the glow in the dark of these arachnids is still a mystery to science

Can you die from excess sex?

Sex improves our health but it can also kill us. In the case of this species of marsupial native to Australia, this is the only possible destination for males.

Is it true that hyenas are hermaphrodites?

The female hyena's clitoris, as big as a penis, has zoologists confused.

Does having sisters reduce a man's erotic appeal?

Recent research reveals the effect that parenting with sisters has on a man's sex life.

Baboons assault females to mate

Research indicates that these African monkeys intimidate females as a long-term mating strategy, a possible source of sexual violence

Promiscuity slows down evolution

Research with birds shows that, contrary to popular belief, promiscuous behavior decreases the chances of new species emerging.

Size matters and not just on the genitals

Humans and animals value size and strength when choosing a partner, especially in tough circumstances for survival.


Princess Charlène of Monaco is not returning – she plans to do so instead

Princess Charlène of Monaco is still in South Africa due to illness. There she will apparently stay - and has already made big plans.

Gil Ofarim files charges of false suspicion – hotel makes decision

The singer Gil Ofarim accuses the employee of a hotel in Leipzig of anti-Semitism and files two criminal charges. The police are investigating.

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21 good habits that make kids happy

The happiness of our children is the greatest goal we have as parents. Sometimes we believe that happiness is in great things, but the truth is that it is built on small customs that we acquire in our day to day life.

Jens Riewa exposed in "The Masked Singer"

When a garbage can sings on German television at prime time, you know: "The Masked Singer" is obviously back. The new season opens with a fiery loss. A hot chili has to go.