OnlyFans seeks funding to reach a valuation above $ 1 billion

The origin of the site stems from adult entertainment, but now it wants to be a place to connect a wide range of celebrities and athletes with their fans.

Investors who bet against AMC lose $ 1.2 billion in one week

Small investors win another round against large funds, this time it was the turn of the AMC cinema chain. At the beginning of the year the eye of the market was on GameStop.


This is the Fold 4 and Flip 4, the new generation of Samsung folding

Samsung presented in the Soho district in New York, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and the Galaxy Z Flip 4, teams that have improved the resistance of their screens, battery life and productivity.

Martín: "I'm ready to have a great second part of the season"

Jorge Martín wants to distance himself from the media noise surrounding the decision that Ducati must make regarding the future and focus on enjoying riding, as he did at Silverstone.

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Egg stuff. Scientific reasons for how to cook them

From potato omelettes to fried eggs, science has a lot to say when it comes to cooking eggs well.

Crazy love story: woman marries stuffed man and gives birth to his "child".

A woman fell head over heels in love. The catch: the man is made of cloth. But that doesn't bother the 37-year-old, on the contrary - now there should even be a child!