Morton Auctions: It all started with some catalogues, a tarp and a stolen car

The auction business moves billions of dollars a year, but in Mexico there were no companies dedicated to it. Luis López Morton was the pioneer.

Las Vegas gambling mogul to auction 11 Picasso works for more than $ 100 million

Las Vegas gambling mogul Steve Wynn will auction eleven works by Malaga painter Pablo Picasso for more than $ 100 million

Bank auctions are an option for advanced investors

In the auctions of adjudicated properties, discounts of between 20% and up to 50% can be obtained, depending on the pending properties of the properties.


Walrus Freya euthanized in Norway

In July, the authorities still wanted to avoid euthanasia at all costs. But the lives and safety of people were seen to be in danger.

Puma threatens their luxury property: Harry and Meghan on alert

Harry and Meghan's family idyll is disturbed by an uninvited and dangerous guest. A sighting of a cougar has Montecito residents panicking.

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"Suspected danger" – Berlin police on duty

At night, the Berlin police search an apartment, supported by the fire brigade and the Robert Koch Institute. The suspicion: A person could be in danger. Investigators are silent on the details.

Crazy love story: woman marries stuffed man and gives birth to his "child".

A woman fell head over heels in love. The catch: the man is made of cloth. But that doesn't bother the 37-year-old, on the contrary - now there should even be a child!