Baby reflexes

The grasp reflex, or when the newborn squeezes your hand tightly

The hands of a newborn touch us but they also surprise us by the force they have when squeezing, this is called a grasp reflex. When we put an object or our finger on the baby's hand, he takes it and squeezes it with his little hand in such a way that we could even lift him up without letting him go.

The Babinski reflex in the newborn, what is it?

Innate reflexes are the automatic and involuntary responses that the newborn makes in the presence of a certain stimulus. The reflex response generally involves a movement, as in the case we are talking about today, the babinski reflex in the baby, also known as the extensor plantar reflex.

The plantar grasp reflex in the newborn, what is it?

The grasp reflex in babies is known, the one that causes babies to make an attempted grasping movement at any contact with the palms of the hands or the soles of the feet. The plantar grasp reflex refers to the arching movement of the baby's toes upon contact.

Moro or startle reflex in the newborn baby

Newborn babies have various reflexes or involuntary movements that are a sign of a normal state of health. The Moro or baby startle reflex...

The sucking reflex in the newborn and milk production

Newborns have the so-called sucking reflex, it is an innate reflex that allows the baby to feed, comfort and calm him. For this reflex, the fingers, the bottle, the nipple, everything serves to develop an activity that is natural in its growth. This suction begins inside the uterus - we can see the baby on ultrasound sucking his thumb - and lasts at least until the first year of age.


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