Baby's weight

Newborns can take more than two weeks to regain their birth weight

After being born, it is normal for the baby to lose weight in the following days until it receives food and begins to gain it. It is what is known as neonatal physiological weight loss in which the normal thing is that they lose between 5% and 7% of the newborn's weight, and a maximum of 10%, which they should no longer reach.

After 19 abortions, a mother gives birth to a giant 6.4 kg baby born at 38 weeks

A mother from Arizona, in the United States, has given birth to a giant 6.4 kg (14.1 pound) baby who was born two weeks earlier than expected, at 38 weeks gestation. Added to this curiosity is the fact that Finnley, as the newborn is called, came into the world after the couple suffered 19 gestational losses.

The first days with the baby: weight and height at birth

A month ago we talked to you about the appearance of the baby at birth, what it would be like in the first days after arriving in the world, so that you would have a minimum reference and help you to solve the typical doubts of the parents who have just been.

A woman gave birth to a baby of almost six kilos in Australia, at 38 weeks of gestation

"My little sumo wrestler." This is how her mother calls little Remi Frances, a baby who weighed almost six kilos at birth: exactly 5,880 kilos, when the average weight of a newborn baby is 3.3 kilos.


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