Bank for International Settlements

Emerging countries must "raise their interest rates," says Carstens

Central banks must adjust their policies to avoid strong capital outflows and currency depreciations, otherwise they will experience greater inflationary pressures.

Cuenca teams up with Mastercard to offer credits to millennials and centennials

The fintech, whose users have an average balance of 2,500 pesos, signed an alliance with Mastercard so that its clients can have a credit card.


"Fear that he wants to go back": Harry's homesickness for England does not leave Meghan alone

Prince Harry does not let go of the longing for his homeland. The ex-royal is said to be unconcluded with his former life in England, which has Meghan panicking.

No royal airs: Kate Middleton helps lonely boys on the train

Mom of three Kate Middleton is there when a lonely child needs help. During a train ride without any bodyguards, she kept a boy company.

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Muscle man: Pocher slap Fat Comedy unrecognizable after diet

The TikTok star "Fat Comedy" publicly gave Oliver Pocher a slap in the face. He shows himself changed: Comedy has lost weight and shows his muscles.

Topless while hiking: Andreas Gabalier recharges his batteries for his mega concert in Munich

Andreas Gabalier performs in front of over 90,000 fans in Munich on Saturday. In order to be fit for it, the hit star relaxes topless while hiking.