Bob Marley and Jamaica

Bob Marley: the voice that sang against the war in the midst of a broken society

Feeling Rastafarian led Bob Marley to sing about what he lived and saw around him, and that was violence and death. Marley wanted to mediate the chaos.


Trapp thought the nomination for the Yashin Trophy was a joke

The French magazine "France Football" honors the best goalkeeper with the Yashin trophy every year. Goalkeeper Kevin Trapp first thought of a joke when he was nominated.

Restrictions on playing video games in China hit Tencent

The technology giant in China suffered from the blockades of the “covid zero” policy and the harsh rules in the video game sector.

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How does a species become invasive?

Although all invasive species are products of human transport, not all species that arrive new in an environment become invasive; the process of biological invasion requires overcoming certain barriers

"Finally"! Lauterbach is happy about the study: she claims to have found the cause of Long Covid

Many people suffer from Long Covid. A new study could now bring a breakthrough in treatment.