Bob Marley

Bob Marley: the voice that sang against the war in the midst of a broken society

Feeling Rastafarian led Bob Marley to sing about what he lived and saw around him, and that was violence and death. Marley wanted to mediate the chaos.


At the weekend there is a risk of “floods” due to heavy rain and thunderstorms – then again “drought and heat”

In Germany, dry soil and rivers urgently need rainfall. It comes at the weekend, but then the midsummer weather returns.

No happy ending: a walker finds a neglected dog in a plastic bag – the police are looking for animal abusers

In Beckum, North Rhine-Westphalia, a woman discovered a neglected dog. It was in a plastic bag that was tied with zip ties.

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Last supermoon of the year shines in the night sky in August 2022

Already in June and around July 2022 the full moon became a super moon. In August 2022 there will be a super moon for the last time this year. When does he shine?

World-renowned author Salman Rushdie attacked with knife – injured his neck

A 24-year-old storms the stage and stabs Salman Rushdie. Does an old death sentence against the world-famous author play a role?