Charles Darwin

How natural selection has shaped modern humans

Natural selection is dynamic, changing, we ourselves have changed it repeatedly. Evolution cannot stop.

This is how Darwin's Origin of Species was conceived

This is how Darwin's book On the Origin of Species was born. It was very controversial despite the fact that it was not about politics, philosophy or religion, but it has had a fundamental influence on all of them.

Young Darwin: this is how he embarked on the journey that would change biology

Darwin wanted to embark as a naturalist on the Beagle commanded by Captain Fitzroy on a five-year voyage around the world, but he had to convince his family.

Why don't all human beings have black skin?

Dark skin is a consequence of the African origin of man and had the utility of protecting us from solar radiation and cancer.

The giant fossil armadillos that helped Darwin

On his trip around the world, Charles Darwin also studied fossils, like these giant Pleistocene armadillos

The Development of Babies: Darwin's Other Evolution

The father of the theory of evolution by natural selection also made observations about childhood development…in his own children!

Who was Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution?

Meet Charles Darwin and the theory of evolution, the theory that revolutionized the history of the world and how humans came to Earth.

The most accepted theories about the origin of man

The origin of man has different theories accepted in the world. The best known is the Charles Darwin and 'The Origin of Species'.


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