FunWho was Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution?

Who was Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution?

Surely you have ever heard of Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution, a hypothesis that tends to appear on the scene when there is controversy about religions, contrasting the belief around faith with the statements of the naturalist.

Indeed, this Englishman, who spent his life during the nineteenth century, is considered the most influential scientist among all those who raised the idea of biological evolution through natural selection. “The Origin of Species”, his magnum opus, is one of the most widely read books in history.

Just as Copernicus, Galileo or Newton had previously laid the scientific foundations around the universe that surrounds us, Darwin’s work focused especially on living beings in general, human beings in particular, and their evolution over time. .

His thoughts, which gradually occurred and led him to confront the Church , a much more powerful and influential institution than today, began when he participated in a naval expedition through the Beagle Channel, which lasted up to five years and It allowed him to collect a good part of the materials through which he would justify his ideas.

In 1859, Charles Darwin published “The Origin of Species” , thus detailing his conclusions about this matter that has always revealed mankind, and maintaining that all species have a common origin, and that they have differentiated and developed in a process of natural selection , thus demonstrating that only the strongest, or best adapted, survive.

An important point is that these postulates of Darwin were, for the most part, contrasted with scientific evidence that rigorously demonstrated that his appraisals were not light, but that they had verifiable support.

The inevitable fury that “The Origin of Species” generated and continues to cause, led Darwin to become something like an icon of those who deny religion and faith in the supernatural, almost like a vision antagonistic to the formulations he makes. the Bible.

While in the sacred scriptures, and more precisely in Genesis, it is manifested that God is the creator of everything that we know or can know, Darwin argued that man descends from other animals, and that a deity is not necessary to explain his existence .

And while it is a discussion that will probably never end, the truth is that Darwin’s creationism continues to be the most forceful exposition in its field.

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