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Will Mark Strong's character return to the Kingsman franchise?

Mark Strong has spoken in an interview about the possibility of returning in a third part of Kingsman, with his character Merlin.


"Water war" in Italy: Rain is finally coming – but there are still huge concerns about Lake Garda and the Po Valley

It's raining again on Lake Garda and in the Po Valley after weeks of drought. Nevertheless, the problems in northern Italy remain gigantic because of the drought.

Fire in Grunewald: security area reduced, trains roll again – but danger remains "acute"

In the middle of Berlin, a major fire is raging at a police storage facility for explosives. Now special technology should help in exploring the exclusion zone. The Grunewald News Ticker.

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The 13 most frequent mistakes in pregnancy that you should avoid

Pregnancy is a unique stage in a woman's life, characterized by a total transformation of mind and body. At this stage, it is normal to have hundreds of doubts -especially if you are a first-timer- and as in any new situation in life, to make some mistakes.

Margarita Salas vs. the PCR | Great Bioresearchers

The researcher Margarita Salas is one of the most important figures in Spanish science.