Consumer goods

How Chedraui will gain ground on Soriana and Walmart

In times of high inflation, Chedraui already has a strategy to keep prices low in its stores in Mexico, while strengthening in the United States.

Last Minute: The 'supers' and department stores spin five months of growth in sales despite inflation

The good results of the retailers affiliated with the ANTAD are inserted in a context of generalized increases in the prices of the products.

Summer promotional season, a lifesaver for the consumer?

The result of the summer promotional season, although positive, tends to vary due to the type of activity, the depth and validity of the discounts, points out Juan Carlos Jouve.

IKEA opens its second store in Mexico, while looking for local furniture makers to mitigate price hikes

The furniture retailer has sought alternatives, such as locating local suppliers, to reduce waiting times and transportation costs for the goods it imports from Europe and Asia.

Another effect of inflation: small shops already offer their "own brands" and they are cheaper than the most famous brands

The neighborhood shops are committed to offering local and regional products, which are cheaper for consumers.

More visits, fewer purchases: How Mexicans now make the pantry in supermarkets

Mexicans carry fewer products when it comes to grocery shopping to protect their wallets from price increases.

What distinguishes Gen Z consumers?

While millennials grew up honing and filtering their lives on Instagram, Gen Z wants authenticity and is tired of over-production, says Diego Prusky.

How Miniso, Mumuso and other stores conquered Mexico selling "little things"

These stores that offer, mostly of Asian origin, flood the Mexican market, which has become attractive for the growth of these businesses.


GM will review 500,000 SUVs for seat belt failure produced in Mexico

The defective components were produced by the manufacturer ZF at a plant in Durango. So far no injuries have been reported from this failure.

What happened to the 5,000 FAW cars sold at Elektra stores in 2008?

The commercialization of the models began in the first quarter of 2008 in Elektra stores with a price ranging from 69,900 pesos to 114,900 pesos. Today there are still about 1,000 units on the road.

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Exchange rate: The Mexican peso falls at the open due to weak economic data in Asia

China's industrial production, retail sales and fixed asset investment missed expectations and the peso weakened against the dollar after a week of gains.