GBM, will it be the next Mexican unicorn?

The Mexican Stock Market Group assures that it reached a valuation of 1,000 million dollars after signing with SoftBank an investment of 150 million dollars.


E-European aid to France in the fight against forest fires

Strong forest fires are raging south of Bordeaux again - several firefighters are on duty. The neighboring European countries are sending help. But there are also fires in northern France.

Fish deaths on the Oder – "Something never experienced"

Is it the heat - or toxic chemicals that may have been dumped illegally in Wroclaw, Poland? In the Oder the fish are dying en masse. Commercial fishermen are shocked.

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Withdraw cash before the end? Savings banks present their own plans

Digital payment methods are playing an increasing role. But what does that mean for the perspective of cash at counters? The savings banks express themselves.

What time is the MotoGP race at Silverstone and how to watch it

See what time it is, tomorrow, Sunday, June 19, the MotoGP 2022 British Grand Prix race at Silverstone and point out how to watch it.