Crazy love in the land of sanity (Saturday afternoon stories)

Crazy love in the land of sanity (Saturday afternoon stories)

We present a new entry for Tales of Saturday afternoon, with "Crazy love in the land of sanity."


ZDF correspondent leaves China: "In this country you can see what lack of freedom means"

Ulf Röller reported for ZDF from Beijing for three years. Now he is leaving China - and takes stock: "As a journalist, you are simply not welcome in a dictatorship."

"Embarrassing": Oliver Pocher's father is ashamed of his own son

Oliver Pocher and father Gerd meet Prince Charles' former butler. Olli deliberately misbehaves and puts everyone's patience to the test.

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Meta chatbot calls Zuckerberg 'creepy and manipulative'

Some online users who have tested the capabilities of the so-called BlenderBot 3 were surprised after getting strong statements on various topics.

Johnny Depp as Ludwig XV. vor der Movie camera

Most recently, the US actor was mainly seen on the screens because of his legal battle with ex-wife Amber Heard. Now Johnny Depp has traveled to France for filming.