Can you die of love? Science responds

Find out if the human being can die of love and what the various scientific investigations that have been carried out on the matter say.

A woman is strangled to death in her own pajamas

The judge rules in favor of an accidental death in the event of a woman strangled by her own pajamas that ended her life.

Verne Troyer, the actor who played 'Mini Yo' in Austin Powers, dies

Actor Verne Troyer, who rose to fame for his role as 'Mini Yo' in the second installment of the Austin Powers saga, has died at the age of 49. The announcement was made by his family through a statement released this Saturday, April 21. Troyer has died in a hospital where he was admitted.


Prince Philippos of Greece & Nina Flohr: Royal dream wedding in Athens

Prince Philippos and Nina Flohr tied the knot in Athens Cathedral. The proud bride beamed at her father's side on the way to the altar.

Corona vaccination breakthroughs: how dangerous is the virus for vaccinated people? – Answers to the most important questions

Despite being vaccinated, you can get infected with corona. Why is that and how dangerous can the virus be for vaccinated people? The most important things at a glance.

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Princess Charlène of Monaco: is she going to worry about her return?

Princess Charlène has been struggling with health problems for months that have delayed her return to Monaco. Is she daring too much?