FunCan you die of love? Science responds

Can you die of love? Science responds

Although it is an expression that we use constantly, can you die of love? There are some studies that ensure that it is possible for a person to die after a painful love process. These studies reveal that the sadness we feel at the loss of a loved one can lead to some illnesses that would lead us, in the worst case, to death.

The loss of a loved one, either because we have been abandoned or due to the death of the loved one, is one of the determining factors to believe that one can die of love. There are many cases in history in which, when a person has died, their spouse or traveling companion soon dies.

The sadness to die of love

In a study carried out since 1991 and published a few years ago in the journal Epidemiology, researchers at Rice University in Houston stated that widowers may have a 41% higher mortality than a person who has not suffered a recent loss.

This study confirmed that the pain we feel at the loss of someone, regardless of depression or grief, is related to psychopathic symptoms and cardiovascular problems that could lead to a fatal outcome.

These symptoms of depression and sadness can be related to many diseases since the defenses are in a bad moment. When we feel the loss of someone, we eat poorly, rest worse, and habits become more harmful to health.

This makes our body see little by little doomed to a dead end for which we would have to need help.

In addition, the study showed, with all the samples taken, that this ‘dying of love’ is not related in terms of sex, and both men and women can suffer it equally.

Identify problems

Those responsible for this study affirmed that they would continue working on it so that the scientific community has the best possible mechanisms to fight these problems associated with depression due to grief.

According to Chris Fagundes, one of the researchers at Rice University, “although not all people in grief run the same risk of having a heart attack, it is important to note that the risk does exist .” Therefore, it is necessary to comply with and identify the problem, as stated in the Fagundes publication: “In our future work, we seek to identify which widows and widowers are at greater risk and which are resistant to the negative physiological consequences of grief.”

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