Legal entities may renew their e. Signature from the SAT portal

The tax authority informed that they will be able to continue renewing the e. Signature, without the need to go to a module, as long as it has lost its maximum validity one year before.


Inflation and return to offices hit 'healthy foods'

The high prices of goods and services and the return to normality erase the advances in healthier eating changes that were generated during the pandemic.

Explosion in the garden: DSDS star Daniele Negroni's girlfriend burned in front of his eyes

DSDS star Daniele Negroni surprised with engagement news. A week earlier, friend Davina caught fire. She is in a wheelchair with burns.

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LAST MINUTE: After 12 days out of service, CompraNet returns to operate

The Ministry of Finance reported that the public contracting platform restarted operations in its entirety.

The FIA takes a step forward with tests for anti-roll bars in F1

In a meeting with the technical directors of the teams, the FIA plans to finalize details regarding the tests of the roll bars of Formula 1 single-seaters by 2023.