Fabian Ruiz

Fabián: "We trust Morata and we know that he will do very well" | Euro 2020

Fabián attended the media after the meeting that measured Spain and Portugal in the Metropolitan.


Fewer new corona infections – 184 deaths

The RKI once again reports fewer new corona infections and a reduced seven-day incidence. But the data situation remains opaque - this is mainly due to the reporting behavior of the countries.

Last supermoon of the year shines in the night sky in August 2022

Already in June and around July 2022 the full moon became a super moon. In August 2022 there will be a super moon for the last time this year. When does he shine?

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One for all, all for one: Starbucks employee is fired – all go

Because an employee at a Starbucks store in New York was fired, the entire workforce has left the store. The video that was filmed goes around the world.

The first half of F1 2022 for Sainz: first problems, then joys

Carlos Sainz arrives at the Formula 1 summer break in 2022 with mixed feelings and making history. How has it been for the Ferrari driver?