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How to travel when you are a picky eater

For many people, one of the best parts of traveling the world is trying new local food. It's about the flavors and the street food and the

History of the grilled cheese sandwich

The concept of the grilled cheese sandwich is not recent. Humans have been combining bread and cheese for centuries. Even the ancient romans

7 reasons why Montreal muffins are better than New York's

The rolls are elevated in wheat: a synergy of malt, yeast, flour and water transmuted into gluttonous joy that spreads throughout the land. Try

History of Thanksgiving Turkey

Ask an American what is always included at the Thanksgiving dinner table and they will quickly reply "turkey." Thanksgiving Day

ZAGAT survey goes online

For nearly 20 years, Tim and Nina Zagat (pronounced za-GAT, rhymes with "the cat") have published restaurant guides based on ratings submitted by

Bocuse d'Or cooking contest

The Bocuse d'Or is one of the most important cooking competitions in the world. Held every two years in Lyon, France, the event is often called the

Inspiring food and travel movies

People love food. And travel. And movies. This list brings together these three loves in one place. Read on to find more movies that will make you


Analysis proves: “era of climatic death” has dawned

Climate change is causing more and more extreme weather phenomena. A new analysis shows the drastic effects of climate change.

Black women who were kind of ahead of their time

In history books they are mostly invisible: black women. A Getty Images collection now features pictures of them - BuzzFeed News was allowed to use them.

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The government expropriated my house and my land, what am I entitled to?

The Expropriation Law establishes the causes of public utility and regulates the procedures, modalities and execution of expropriations.

Intel Says It Again: Goodbye Apple, Hello Huawei

The company unveiled two new devices: the Huawei MateBook D16 and the Huawei MateBook 16s, the latter being the first with a twelfth-generation processor.