Francisco de Goya

Experts point to which portrait attributed to Goya is of the artist José Campeche

A portrait of a woman attributed to the Spaniard Francisco de Goya may actually be a work of the Puerto Rican José Campeche y Jordán.


Death in the amusement park – 57-year-old falls from the roller coaster

Summer, sun, holiday mood - and then the big shock in the Klotten amusement park in Rhineland-Palatinate: A woman falls off the roller coaster and dies. The causes are still completely unclear.

How downforce helped Red Bull win in Hungary

Red Bull feared they would not be able to compete at the level of their rivals at the 2022 F1 Hungarian GP, but changes to their rear wing helped them win.

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Airline revenues exceed 2019, but so do their costs

During the second quarter of the year, airlines posted losses after their margins were affected by the rise in operating costs, such as fuel.

Hamilton celebrates the "enormous" thing about beating the Ferraris in Hungary

Lewis Hamilton says beating both Ferrari cars was a "huge" result for Mercedes in Hungary after their struggles earlier in the year.