Fusions and acquisitions

The streaming giant Warner Bros Discovery is born

AT&T bought WarnerMedia for about $85 billion in 2018, putting the conglomerate formerly known as Time Warner through restructuring and leadership changes.

José Antonio Llorente: "We have a plan to be a $ 100 million company by 2025"

The co-founder and president of the consulting firm LLYC is clear on how to achieve his goal: through acquisitions. The challenge now is choosing how you will obtain the necessary financing.


Avianca traces its route to Mexico: more air cargo, but with skepticism in the AIFA

The Colombian airline seeks to become the new giant in the Latin American region, but in Mexico it shows concern about air safety and remains cautious about the AIFA.

"So far it's been haunting me": Danni Büchner traumatized to this day because of his ex-boyfriend

In her podcast "Living la Vida locker" Danni Büchner puts on a "soul striptease", as she says herself. When she talks about her ex-boyfriend, the "Goodbye Germany" emigrant tears. She is still traumatized today.

Must Read

The peso appreciates at 20.29 per dollar, its best level in a month

The peso closed with an appreciation of 0.29%, standing at 20.2945 units, so the currency would be strengthening for the fifth consecutive day.

What would happen if the earth rotated just a little bit faster?

In one day, the earth rotates once on its own axis. But what would happen if the earth suddenly started spinning faster? There are theories about this.