Gaza Strip

Israel's new government launches airstrike on Hamas targets in Gaza

Israel's new government has launched airstrikes on the Gaza Strip after Hamas terrorists launch inciendiary balloons

Israel says tower it toppled in Gaza was being used by Hamas to try to disable the 'Iron Dome'

The Israeli Army has assured this Tuesday that the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) operated from the Al Yalá tower, which housed international media headquarters and that it was shot down in an Israeli bombardment, to try to affect the operations of the anti-aircraft system. Iron Dome '.

Israel claims to have attacked the headquarters of Hamas's internal security service

Israel's aviation bombed the main headquarters of the internal security service of the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas in the Gaza Strip on Monday.

Gaza Strip: An Israeli pilot aborts a bombing because there are children in the building

The escalation of violence between Israel and Palestine is reaching very high levels. After several days of heavy bombing in the Gaza Strip, Palestine accuses the Israeli forces of killing children in their bombings while the Israeli authorities defend that they try to avoid civilians in their attacks.

Israel hits in Gaza more than 90 terrorist targets of Hamas, which continues to attack the center of the Hebrew country

Israel hits more than 90 Hamas terror targets in the Gaza Strip. Islamists continue to attack the center of the Hebrew country

Gaza, the hope of living without fear

The riots that have taken place in Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip were triggered by the irruption of the Israeli security forces in Al-Aqsa.

Israel strikes more than 100 targets in Gaza during heaviest night of bombing

The Israeli Army has attacked in the last hours more than a hundred targets of the Islamist Hamas movement in the Gaza Strip, during what has been the most intense night of bombing since the start of the new round of hostilities that has left a total , according to the latest balance of the Ministry ... Continue reading "Israel attacks more than a hundred targets in Gaza during the most intense night of bombings"

Israel: This is how the Israeli Iron Dome system intercepts the rockets launched by Hamas against Ashkelon

This video shows how the Israeli Iron Dome system intercepts rockets launched by Hamas, which fired more than 150 on Monday afternoon.


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