Glaxosmithkline Colombia

Glaxosmithkline Colombia fined for selling overpriced drug

The SIC found that the drug Lamictal, used to treat epilepsy and bipolar disorder, was sold for up to 653% above the maximum.


"Suspected danger" – Berlin police on duty

At night, the Berlin police search an apartment, supported by the fire brigade and the Robert Koch Institute. The suspicion: A person could be in danger. Investigators are silent on the details.

Slight cooling down after a hot weekend announced

The summer high “Oscar” is slowly saying goodbye. A few showers and thunderstorms are forecast. It should cool down significantly by mid-week.

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When many eyes twitch in the night

Jumping spiders also dream quite vividly

The cinema at 29 pesos: the chains launch a campaign of low prices in response to inflation

To encourage the return to theaters, Cinemex, Cinépolis, CineDot and the rest of the movie chains will standardize their box office prices for three days and offer candy promotions.