Global tax

G7 approaches an agreement of a global tax of at least 15%

The ministers will meet on Friday and Saturday in London and are due to issue a statement after the discussions.


Joker sequel announced for October 2024

A role that gets under your skin: actor Joaquin Phoenix will once again slip into the role of the villain "Joker". But fans will have to be patient.

Retirement at 63: Which age groups have to reckon with the largest deductions

Since the pension reform, the retirement age has gradually increased to 67 years. If you want to retire earlier, you have to expect deductions: an overview.

Must Read

Traffic jams on the streets – rail traffic unobtrusive

The start of the holidays in southern Germany and the first returnees in the north: long traffic jams formed on many roads at the weekend. Rail traffic, on the other hand, was relaxed - apart from one region.

This is what visitors to the Cranger Kirmes 2022 need to know

The Cranger Kirmes 2022 attracts millions of visitors to Herne (NRW) with its program and rides.