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Harrison Ford loses credit card – German tourist finds it

Indiana Jones actor Harrison Ford lost his credit card on the island of Sicily. But it does not remain lost for long.

"Indiana Jones 5" is now only planned for 2023

Forty years ago, Harrison Ford first played the adventurer Indiana Jones. The start date for the fifth part has now been postponed again.

The Nazis will be the enemy again in "Indiana Jones 5"

The Nazis return for the third time to the Indiana Jones saga. The intrepid archaeologist hadn't fought them since The Last Crusade.

Karen Allen talks about the controversial phrase of "Indiana Jones and the Lost Ark"

The controversial phrase of "Indiana Jones and the Lost Ark" has generated many conversations around the most famous archaeologist of the cinema.

Harrison Ford came to the UK to shoot "Indiana Jones 5"

will play the character for the last time, as confirmed by Lucasfilm, in an adventure that could be set in the 60s, according to recent ru


The opportunity for environmental entrepreneurs: HEINEKEN Green Challenge 2022

There will be a prize of 500 thousand pesos for the first place in the HEINEKEN Green Challenge 2022; In addition, the best 21 projects will enter a 12-week acceleration program.

Desires ice cream

It's hot and a lot of people are partying - so the need for ice cubes is increasing. It's said that soon there won't be any more in Spain

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Storms and mudslides in South Tyrol and Trentino

In the middle of summer, torrential rain falls in South Tyrol. There were mudslides, no one was hurt.

Kansas votes to keep abortion rights

Kansas, a conservative US state, rejected an amendment known as "Value Both" in the first consultation on the issue since the Supreme Court ended this federal right.