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The Nazis will be the enemy again in "Indiana Jones 5"

The Nazis are a fairly recurring enemy in the cinema , since they function at levels in which the entire public quickly classifies them as antagonists and understands in a simple way what they are and what they represent. In a matter of cinematographic genres we can always see them under an obvious historical context in the war tapes of the Second World War or outside there in films about the occult (Hitler’s taste for the esoteric has always been mentioned) simply representing the most primitive form bad. The latter case is essentially the role played by the former German army in two of the four films in the Indiana Jones saga.

In its first installment , In Search of the Lost Ark the story is set in 1936 and the United States government hires good old Indi to find the valuable treasure before the Nazis do. Without having a presence in the next film, we must go back to the third part with Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade , located chronologically in 1938, and in which Jones with his father must prevent the Germans from once again getting the precious Holy Grail of the Last Supper. What seems surprising about this return in the fifth installment is that the fourth was set in 1957 with the Nazis already defeated, placing the focus on the Russians in the mediocre Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull . Although the chronology will be after the last released film, we know of the presence of these villains thanks to a promotional video that has been seen from the set, in which a train full of swastika and national socialist symbols appears.

The fifth part, even without the plot revealed, will be the archaeologist’s first adventure without the direction of Steven Spielberg, who gives up the director’s chair to regular James Mangold ( The ten past three, Le Mans ). In addition to Harrison Ford, Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Mads Mikelsen (who really liked the script) will appear in this story, scheduled to premiere on July 29, 2022.

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