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Ice Cube wants the rights to several of his films with Warner

Few rappers have had as long a career in the movie industry as Ice Cube. The artist, in addition to having a name forged in gold in rap culture, has been an actor, screenwriter, director and producer of many productions. Among his filmography , the comedy series of the Friday saga stands out. The first of the same name is followed by Next Friday , Friday: The animated series and the last part, entitled The last Friday which is announced for 2022. However, while comedy flows into fiction, it does not seem that the same is happening. same in offices and negotiations. The conflict is based on the fact that Ice Cube wants the rights to several of his films with Warner.

It is the Wall Street Journal that echoed the news, mentioning that the two are in the middle of a heated legal battle for the rights to Last Friday . This latest installment has been in the works for almost a decade. At first, both the artist and the producer agreed to develop this delivery, with a salary of more than 10 million dollars for Cube. However, ongoing disagreements with the story and a few other issues have ended up postponing Last Friday over the years. Now, according to the medium, Ice Cube wants Warner Bros. to give up its rights to the property of Friday and to two other films he made under his label: Double Deadly Impact and The Strip Club .

All the conflict comes from a disagreement with the script. According to Cube, “the studio told him that prison is not funny,” since most of the story of Last Friday was going to take place there. After writing a second version, Cube claimed that some comments were misplaced and that this whole process was a way to delay filming. To the problems that Warner has had both in the filming of Justice League and with its simultaneous release policy are added the accusations of the screenwriter, who calls the producer a “bad administrator” and of being excessive in his notes. To make matters worse, Cube in turn raised that it was also a problem of discrimination.

From Warner they deny everything: ” We totally disagree with any claim of discriminatory treatment , and we maintain our continuous and proven commitment to support diverse voices and storytellers and we will continue to do so as we move forward.” Regardless of his statements, Ice Cube wants the rights to several of his films with the production company and it does not seem that he will settle for less.

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