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This is the most requested in La Casa de Toño and other restaurants via delivery

The night of the Scream is characterized by having a variety of Mexican dishes in the homes of the country, either because they are prepared at home or because users ask for them in delivery apps.

According to the Mexican Association of Online Sales (AMVO), the food delivery segment represents 72% of the online shopping preferences of Mexican consumers. And this September 15, Mexican snacks are the protagonists of an important part of the preferences in the apps.

Favorite dishes to scream

Rappi points out that the most sought after products this day are tacos, followed by pizzas and wings, however Didi Food points out that in its app the category of Mexican food is the most requested and some states stand out for consuming more snacks than others .

For example, Mexicali is in the top three of the cities that most request cakes, while in Aguascalientes they love golden taquitos.

Mexico City and Guadalajara share favorite dishes, being the cities that request the most pozole, tortas and elotes. In Durango, golden tacos are king for this celebration.

Guadalajara is the city that orders the most often; in addition to the fact that the people of Guadalajara take trips mainly to Tlaquepaque and the Plaza de Los Dos Templos in the center of the city.

Enfrijoladas are a hit in Mexico City, Oaxaca and Puebla. Monterrey is the second city that asks for the most mole dishes, only behind Mexico City.

The city of Hermosillo is the second city that orders the most belly and its citizens take trips mainly to the historic center to give El Grito.

Desserts cannot be missing in San Luis Potosí, a city that is in the top three of the cities that request the most rice pudding during September 15. Culiacán and Guadalajara are among the top three cities that ask for more fresh water to accompany their food. Jamaica and horchata are his favorites.

In addition, a strong demand for Pozole is expected at Uber Eats, especially from , since the restaurant informed through its Instagram account that the orders made will be only to go, since the demand for its appetizers is focused online and pick-up

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