Home office

What are the obligations that companies have with employees who work from home?

Those companies that do not comply with their obligations can receive a fine of 21,720 to 217,200 pesos, according to article 992 of the Federal Labor Law.

Hybrid work is even more challenging for Gen Z

While hybrid work is challenging for this generation, company assurances for work-life balance are critical to its adoption.


Harry and Meghan are coming to Germany

Harry and Meghan are flying to Europe to visit some charities. A trip to Germany is also planned.

New week brings showers and thunderstorms

Many are eagerly awaiting the rain. The signs are growing that he is coming. However, the DWD also warns of the risk of severe weather.

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ESG, in search of its seat on the Board of Directors

A necessary condition for the Boards to be well adapted to address the supervision of ESG issues is the diversity of their composition, considers Gabriel Cecchini.

Bastianini comes back with only one of the wings on the fairing of his Ducati

The Silverstone weekend began with the show of the wings on the tail of the Ducati and ended with Enea Bastianini making a big comeback with a half fairing.